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1. Construction - Steel Fabrication

Our client is one of the leading companies as far as steel engineering, fabrication and installation of complex and high grade steel constructions is concerned: Power Plants, Modules (PAU, PAT, PAR, etc.), Bridges, On & Offshore projects, Petrochemical, High-rise buildings and Architectural projects.

In 2007 they opened a factory in Qatar and can produce over 10,000 tonnes within the Gulf and more recently an office in Abu Dhabi.

Portofolio: Well know major Gulf based projects include:

-  Ferrari Experience, Abu Dhabi: wall construction: 1.350 tons

-  Aspire Sports City Tower: Doha:

The company is part of a larger Group which unites the forces of 27 individual steel related companies, located in The Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Poland, Portugal and India. Each company has its own speciality in the field of steel processing and construction.

With more than 1.600 co-workers across various worldwide locations, the Group realises tremendous and extremely complex steel constructions.

Our client is now seeking new projects and partners within the Gulf to fully utilise its new Qatar facility and production capability.

Please contact gcrates@gy-consultancy.com for more information