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Dr. Saleh S. Jallad

Expertise: Project Finance, Construction, Oil & Gas / Energy
Top projects: .

Dr. Jallad is currently the Group Vice President Treasury, Insurance and Government Relations at CCC (Consolidated Contractors Company) and the Legal Representative to the Greek authorities. He is a member of the Board of Director’s Financial Committee; Member of the Board of Executive Operational Committee; Members of Board of companies owned by CCC. In addition he is Deputy Governor of the “Arab Monetary Fund Abu Dhabi”. Prior to joining CCC, Dr. Jallad held the position of Special Advisor to the President of the Arab Monetary Fund; Assistant Treasurer at the First National Bank of Chicago in Chicago and New York.

Dr. Jallad is also the Owner and Chairman of the Middle East Petroleum and Energy Publications; Publisher of the Middle East Economic Survey “MEES”, est. 1957 in Cyprus and Beirut; and Chairman and C.E.O. of MELESENDE (Publishing House) London. Dr. Jallad is an accomplished author and has published various books and publications such as “The Book of Kalilah and Dimnah” the first direct translation from the Arabic into English published in the UK (2000 and 2004), second edition by February 2009 His book “Pedagogy of Leadership” will be published in January 2010 in the UK. Likewise he published numerous articles in Arabic and in English in various journals and conducted a variety of presentations and workshops on Project Finance and the construction of infrastructure works. Moreover he published various Macroeconomic performance and forecasts as well as Cross Cultural issues in the Middle East.

Dr. Jallad is an honorary member of the Hellenic Literary Society (Athens 2007); He is also the Vice President of the Arab Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, Athens and Member of the Board of Trustees at the American Community Schools of Athens (ACS Athens).

Dr. Jallad has his Doctorate from the University of Notre Dame, Indiana; his Graduate degree from American University in Cairo in Economics and Banking, and his High school from St. George’s School in Jerusalem.