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Gary Crates

Expertise: Business Development, Sales & Marketing
Top projects:

Mr Crates is a dedicated and highly experienced senior executive with extensive general management and senior commercial management experience. An international cross-border professional, with a 25 year successful track record, spanning more than 20 countries. The last 15 years in senior management roles within MENA and South East Europe and the last 5 years specialising in consultancy, business development and investment management / brokerage, covering a wide range of projects including; real estate, renewable energy, retail and leisure / entertainment.

Mr Crates was a former Regional Director with DHL Worldwide Express, based in Athens, Greece and was responsible for South East Europe and North Africa, prior to this he spent 10 ears in various senior roles within the Middle East. More recently he was a Business Development Director for the Tanweer Group and formed Tanweer Engineering where he is a Partner and Managing Director. Mr Crates has a developed a substantial contact base at the highest levels, in both the Public and Private sectors, across the Middle East and North Africa.

Mr Crates is also an Associate Advisor with Kingdom International Advisory in Bahrain, Managing Director of Braithwaite Investments Ltd and Special Advisor to the Aristotelis Group, a Chicago based real estate Investment company. Mr Crates is a Mechanical & Production Engineer and Graduate of Coventry University.