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Anastasios Spanidis

Expertise: Marketing, E-Commerce, Internet solutions, Negotiations, Business Development
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Mr Spanidis is the founder of the Generation Y Group of Companies, having started more than 11 years ago with Generation Y Interactive Agency (www.generation-y.net). He is a successful entrepreneur and now has over 80 staff with offices located in Greece, Cyprus, Germany, UK, Dubai and plans to open in the USA in 2012.

His 12 years of experience, handling over 1.000 clients marketing strategies and web presence, combined with expanding his business internationally, had led to the company working with many prestigious and recognised international brands such as: Adidas, Speedo, Asics, 5asec, IMG and Alouette among others.

Within the Group of Companies Mr Spanidis also established and operates several e-commerce stores, covering a wide range of products including fashion, electronic goods, novelty items and gadgets. Mr Spanidis is also a regular speaker at corporate and business events and hosts various private seminars for executives, demonstrating how they can leverage the internet and IT technologies to enhance and improve sales and profits.

Mr Spanidis is a Graduate of Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK.