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Nicoll Clark CII (Award)

Expertise: Financial Planning, Investment & Wealth Management, Offshore Banking and Corporate Structures
Top projects:

Mr Clark is a veteran of the financial services industry with over 17 years experience. His expertise includes provision of advice in Wealth Management and diversification of investment portfolios, spreading risk through a balanced approach.This may also include structuring of wealth ownership through use of Trusts with offshore companies as front line owners, and establishing Banking structures in Switzerland and Liechtentstein.

Through his career he has established excellent relationships with many of the leading insurance companies, such as: Royal Skandia, Friends Provident International, Generali International and Royal London 360 in the Isle of Man and Jersey/Guernsey.

Selective services are also available in the area of luxury Yacht registration through offshore jurisdictions.

Mr Clark holds an International Certificate for Financial Advisors awarded by the Chartered Insurance Institute.